MCMA Mission

Today’s mechanics are the members of the current “makers” movement. They are the innovators, inventors, and artisans that make up the community of the creative, the ingenious, the skilled, and the entrepreneurial.


The creative maker community is thriving in Maine, and it is hungry for a place to gather, to meet like-minded people, and to exchange ideas and useful knowledge. Today’s MCMA aims to fill that need as it has done in the past and provide social support and a place for knowledge sharing, particularly from the older generation to the younger generation. Its goal is to serve its membership with mentors, education and knowledge resources such as lectures and workshops, physical resources, advocacy, and networking opportunities.

This tradition of support is not new to MCMA. The Maine Charitable Mechanic Association was founded in 1815 as a social organization that promoted and supported the skilled trades and their practitioners. Its original members were master craftspeople and entrepreneurs (then called mechanics) and their apprentices.

Community Partners


The Maine Charitable Mechanic Association strives to inspire and enrich the community by promoting ingenuity, creativity, innovation, and the diffusion of useful knowledge.

Watch programming videos through our member page on Portland Media Center’s website.



MCMA will combine successful traditions with new ideas to build a vibrant community of users, members, organizations with common interests, and the general public.

Our Strategic Plan


Mechanics often become involved with MCMA by serving on a committee. Engaging with a committee allows members to host events, and guide the trajectory of our organization.


Membership committee is responsible for recruiting and membership benefits for Mechanics’ Hall. Contact to get involved.

Mechanics’ Hall

Hall oversees the maintenance of Mechanics’ Hall and its rentals. Contact to get involved.

Public Relations

Public Relations publicizes upcoming events and produces a biannual newsletter. Contact to get involved.


Programming is responsible for programs at Mechanics’ Hall including maker and travel lecture series. Contact to get involved.


Finance creates the annual budget, monitors the endowment and manages fundraising. Contact to get involved.


Library manages the library’s space and collection. Contact to get involved.

Our Staff

Sarah Morrill photo

Annie Leahy

  Executive Director: Email

Tom Blackburn

  Superintendent of the Hall: Email

 Pat Larrabee

  Librarian: Email

Karolyn Greenstreet

  Communications Coordinator: Email

Our Board Members

Paul Stevens, President

Sam Mateosian, Vice President

John Lefebvre, Treasurer

Donna Knoblock, Secretary

George Burns

Steve Ferguson

Steve Halpert

Pamela Hawkes

Jamie Johnston

Kristopher Kleva

Chandra Leister

John Napolitano

Nancy Noble

Ken Pierce

Pam Plumb

Richard Spencer

Paul Stevens

Our Advisory Board

Jonathan Cooper

Mark Ferguson

Steve Halpert

Sara Hines

Don Lindgren

Hazel Onzrud

Jake Ryan

Earle Shettleworth

Sam Walker