Community Partners

Acorn Productions

Acorn Productions, the theater in residence for Mechanics’ Hall, helped raise the funding necessary to open the ballroom and their efforts have also added several amenities to the ballroom. Acorn is utilizes the Hall’s classroom and boardroom for rehearsals, workshops, and auditions.

Maine State Building and Construction Trade Council

Maine State Building and Construction Trade Council, a 14-union member council promoting unions in Maine. The MSCBTC has contributed volunteers and donated labor for many of the halls renovations and restoration projects.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers through their apprenticeship program added a dozen outlets in the ballroom, wired the bathrooms and installed lighting in the classroom among other small projects.  In the near future they upgrade electrical service to the attic, mezzanine and ballroom.

Hidden Ladder School

Starting Monday, February 4th, 2019, we will welcome the Hidden Ladder School as a recurring rental tenant. The Hidden Ladder Collective will host art classes for kids in our classroom on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 11:30am-2:30pm. Founded in 2012, HLC works to make art more accessible to the community.  To register, please visit their site!

Portland Swing Project

Gillian Davis of Portland Swing Project is one of our earliest partners and assisted in the initial Gala presenting the ballroom to the public following the receipt of our public assembly permit. Gillian holds weekly swing dance classes from fall to late spring.  She has also assisted in coordinating bands for ballroom dances.

Portland Media Center

Formally Community Television Network, PMC is one of our earliest partners and provides video production and technical assistance for many of our programs and events. We are a PMC member and you can watch Mechanics’ Hall videos on our Member Page on the PMC site.

Creative Portland

Creative Portland is the city agency that represents and advocates for the creative economy.  Creative Portland has supported the efforts of the MCMA in establishing its venues in the arts district of Portland by promoting our events and connecting us with other creative partners.

Maine Historical Society

Maine Historical Society is closely aligned with the MCMA and it’s history.  MHS recently featured Mechanics’ Hall as one of the historical sites in its annual fundraising campaign “Magical History Tour”.

Greater Portland Landmarks

Greater Portland Landmarks, a staunch supporter of preserving Portland’s architectural heritage, has assisted and encouraged the ongoing efforts to restore Mechanics’ Hall and grow MCMA.