Patricia Daunis-Dunning Jewelry
Kim Ortengren of Wallace James Co.
Cozy for Kim Ortengren's talk. November, 2017.
Steve Corman of Vena's Fizz House. February, 2019.
John Sundling - floral design. April, 2019.

Makers at the Hall

Last Wednesday of the month

January thru May & September thru November


Makers at the Hall is a lecture series held at Mechanics’ Hall on the last Wednesday of the month from January to May and September through November. Each talk is presented by a local Maine maker, a master of their craft. In an inviting and relaxed atmosphere, Mechanics’ Hall members and friends learn about a specific discipline and the triumphs and challenges of the speaker’s engagement with their medium. Past speakers have been Nick and David Wallace of Wallace Pipe Organs, Pandora LaCasse, Pilar Nadal of Pickwick Press, and Jonathan Cooper Luthier among many more. This is the program’s third year. It is administered by the Mechanics’ Hall programming committee.  Talks are FREE for members or $8 general admission. Doors open at 6:45pm. Refreshments are served after the talk at 8pm. Elevator access to second floor library.


October Speaker: Patricia Daunis-Dunning Oct. 30th

Patricia Daunis-Dunning is an award winning jeweler based in Portland, Maine who believes that jewelry is an art form that should be in harmony with the wearer. Patty is influenced by Maine’s fluctuating coastal waters, and the tranquility of our lakes. A close look at her designs reveals the reflected light on waves and swirling eddies. She designs so this movement of light and form will enhance the person who wears her jewelry.


November Speaker: David Masury Nov. 27th

As a furniture designer and maker, David has always enjoyed the challenges of creating new designs, but while Masury has built many types of furniture, he always comes back to his first love – the chair. He considers this to be the most difficult piece to design and build well. Masury employs many methods in his process and will push the limits, trying challenging techniques such as tapered or double tapered laminations, carved surfaces, or simply working with graceful curves.


 Past 2019 Speakers


David Wolfe of Wolfe Editions

Johanna & Steve Corman of Vena’s Fizz House

Nick Kaufmann & Mark Wakefield – Civic Co-Design & Maintenance

John Sundling of Plant Office

Arthur Fink, photographer of dance

Katie Benedict – Principles of Good Design

Watch videos of past lectures through our member page on Portland Media Center’s website.

Below: Makers at the Hall with Pandora LaCasse – September 2018.