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 Applicant Information/FAQs

Thank you for your interest in the new First Friday performance series in the historic Mechanics’ Hall Ballroom. The vision for this series is that it will be a way for artists to test out new material with an audience and in the context of a First Friday evening. If you are applying and selected in the coming months, please note that this is a pilot program. Our hope is to provide an artist stipend eventually which is one reason we are currently seeking funding. At the moment, we are able to provide the context, the physical space, some rehearsal time in the Hall, and a portion of voluntary donations collected at the door.

Please note that we require video (or audio from sound artists) from all performers wishing to be a part of this series, but the video does not have to be the actual performance that you are proposing for the show. We anticipate running the series May thru July, skipping August, and possibly into the fall.

A few important pieces of information for you before you fill out the application:

1) Each performer or performance group selected for the show will have a 10-minute slot (more or less). Pieces should run somewhere between 3 and 12 minutes. We will take time frame into consideration in the curatorial process so be sure to note your proposed time frame in the application.

2) The show will run from 6 to 7ish with roughly 5 performance slots. We intend to keep it compact and conducive to wondering in and out as that is the way most people direct their own Art Walk experience.

3) Each performer or performance group selected will receive 1/5 (approx.) of donations collected at the door with a $25 guaranteed minimum and complimentary open rehearsal space – depending on the size of the group. Rehearsal space compensation is as follows:

1 performer – 2 hours of classroom time.
2 or 3 performers – 3 hours of classroom time OR 2 hours of ballroom time.
4 or more performers – 5 hours of classroom time OR 3 hours of ballroom time.

4) There will be a full rehearsal for all performers on the Wednesday evening before the show.

5) The show will have an MC who will facilitate and introduce each act.

If you have any further questions regarding this series, please email our Committee Chair Mike Levine at

The form below will indicate for which months we are currently accepting applications.

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